The Cunhambebe Association of the Friends of Ilha Anchieta (ACIA)

The Cunhambebe Association of the Friends of Ilha Anchieta (ACIA) carries out activities on research, promotion of culture, environmental education, health, tourism, and sustainable development. Since its creation in 1996, it has been dedicated to actively promoting and participating in discussion forums related to the institution’s objectives.

ACIA is present in the following bodies and instances: North Coast Hydrographic Basin Committee (CBH-LN), Bocaina Mosaic of Protected Areas, Municipal Environmental Council of Ubatuba, Consultative Council of Ilha Anchieta State Park and Serra do Mar State Park – Picinguaba Center, and the National Council of the Atlantic Forest Biosphere Reserve.

ACIA develops social-environmental projects, such as: local coordination of the project “Paths of Sustainability in Craftsmanship in Ubatuba” from the Friends of the Atlantic Forest Biosphere Reserve Institute, in partnership with Sala Verde, and the Municipal Environment Secretary, funded by Petrobras Communities Program; coordination of the sub-project “Survey of Sustainable Practices in the Bocaina Mosaic” of the Bocaina Mosaic Strengthening project, funded by Conservation International (CI-Brasil), and other partners NGOs; participated in the 1st and 2nd phase of the Agreement between Petrobras, Environmentalists and the Catholic University of Santos, in favor of the sustainability of the North Coast of São Paulo – dialogue for sustainability and CEDS (Center for Experimentation in Sustainable Development); proposed and developed the Project “Sanitation, Education and Health in Cambury Neighborhood, Ubatuba-SP – Phase I and Phase II”, with funds from the São Paulo State Water Resources Fund (FEHIDRO); proposed and developed the project “Business Plans for Sustainable Tourism in the North portion of Ubatuba – SP”, with resources from Petrobras (Communities Integration); proposed and executed the Project “Environmental Planning in the Iriri/Onça Sub-UGRHI, Ubatuba-SP”, with funds from the FEHIDRO.

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